• Reading With Your Child

Reading at Home with your Child

At school our expectation is that children will read regularly at home with parents and / or family members.
Reading at home can happen in many ways:

  • Adults or older children reading aloud to children
  • Adults or older children listening to children read
  • Discussing the book your child is reading
  • Making up stories together.

This information below summarises the importance of reading at home every night and the huge difference it makes to your child’s education.
Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and their writing.
Children who read a little every night make the best progress in school.

Why can’t I skip my reading tonight?

Student “A” reads 20 minutes each day.

This is 3600 minutes in a school year or

        1 , 800, 000 words

Student ‘B’ reads 5 minutes each day.

This is 900 minutes in a school year or

282,000 words

Student ‘C’ reads 1 minute each day.

This is 180 minutes in a school year or

8000 words

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