Preparing children today for a new tomorrow; nurturing their dreams, hopes and aspirations within our Christian values and principles.

At St. Thomas’ we aim to:

  • create an environment which promotes the Christian ethos to enable people to flourish.
  • create an environment for people to think and positively take risks.
  • be inspirational and innovate and support others to do the same.

At St. Thomas’ we aim to:

  • celebrate the diversity of our school, community and the world and we value the strengths of all.
  • nurture skills and promote opportunities for all.

At St. Thomas’ we aim to:

  • constantly strive to achieve high standards and never stand still.
  •  value every contribution and support each other to reach our goals.

We will be a school which is both caring and nurturing, where everyone feels confident and valued and has the opportunity to experience God’s loving care.

We will have a learning environment where children are encouraged to be respectful, responsible and independent and are given the necessary skills to succeed in life.

We will encourage everyone to ‘go the extra mile’ and only accept their best.

  • Ensure everyone feels happy, safe and secure
  • Involve all our families and the wider community and Church in the life of our school and the education of its children
  • Promote Christian values within the school community (centred on Collective Worship) and through active links with the wider community and Church.
  • Inspire the whole school community to experience truth, meaning and purpose in life and to provide an opportunity to develop a faith by which to live.
  • Support children to develop lively, inquisitive minds with a lifelong love of learning
  • Celebrate everyone and their achievements, encouraging them to always be proud of who they are
  • Provide an engaging, creative and innovative curriculum which is relevant, challenging and also promotes the spiritual and moral development of our children
  • Secure consistently high expectations of behaviour and achievement for all
  • Develop value and respect for all cultures and the wider world beyond our school through ‘loving your neighbour as yourself.’
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles (both body and mind).