Mr Bethell is one of our computing leads and brings a range of skills and enthusiasm to the role. Mr Bethell loves working with technology and integrating it into subjects across the curriculum. He loves to use i-Pads to deliver fun and exciting lessons that enhance the children’s learning experience.


Miss Matlub is one of the Computing Subject Leaders here at St Thomas’ Primary School. Having worked across both key stages over the years and having completed a Master of Arts in Education has kept her apprised to current developments and research to enable her to support pupils in becoming digitally literate – able to use information and communication technology to express themselves, collaborate, cultivate and share their ideas – at an appropriate level to enable them to become active participants in a digital world.

Having embedded the use of I-pads effectively in the classroom across various subjects, Miss Matlub believes that computing justifies its place on the school curriculum by its contribution to young children’s intellectual growth; training them to think computationally about problems, issues and opportunities and to apply this to wider problems in broader contexts. She believes that it also enables them to gain a better understanding of the world, where all aspects of human activity are being shaped by the application of computational thinking. She also recognises that the core of computing is computer science in which children look at how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming and she therefore designates termly lessons solely focusing on computer science.

Miss Matlub aims to develop the computing curriculum further by developing the efficiency, looking at new ways to teach new topics and ideas and continuing to engage children and parents alike to ensure the pupils at St Thomas’ are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content.


At St.Thomas’ we believe that the children have the right to a rich and deep learning experience in all aspects of computing. With technology playing such a significant role across society, we believe that ‘computational thinking’ is a skill that should be taught if they are to be able to participate effectively and safely in the digital world.

We want our pupils to be prepared to operate in the 21st century workplace understanding the career opportunities in computing that will be open to them in the future.

We believe that computing should develop creativity, resilience, problem solving and critical thinking skills in our children as they progress through school.

Computing is a subject that not only stands alone but is interwoven into all other subjects we teach at St.Thomas’. At the heart of this is online safety, ensuring that children are safe and learn how to be safe when online.

At St.Thomas’ we are a leading provider of computing teaching with a focus on the use of I-pads. We pride ourselves on being a RTC school for Apple providing training for teachers on the use of i-Pads in the classroom.


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