Mrs Morton is a long standing teacher at St. Thomas. She is thrilled to be the  music lead as she has recently acquired a renewed passion for music. She enjoys teaching and playing the ukulele with her own year 4 class and in specialist clubs for our enthusiastic and talented children.

She believes that through musical opportunities children can develop confidence and musical skills, in singing and playing, composing and performing.

Mrs Morton encourages children to express themselves them through music and hopes that through the music curriculum and musical opportunities provided for our them, they will develop a love for music and skills that will stay with them as they continue their journey in life beyond St Thomas’.


Hello my name is Mrs Hooley and I am excited to be one of the Music Subject Leaders at St Thomas’ Primary School! I enjoy teaching a range of tuned and untuned instruments to provide exciting, inclusive and stimulating lessons. I run the after school choir club for Key Stage 1 and 2, where we learn and sing a range of songs.

I believe that music encourages children’s creativity, self-evaluation skills, self-expression and imagination. In their feedback, the children particularly enjoy our whole school musical events, such as musical appreciation days and the variety of the events we provide, both within school and in the wider community.


At St Thomas’, our intention is to provide our pupils with a broad and vibrant music curriculum in order to encourage their individuality, creativity and develop their musicianship.

We will build on their knowledge and skills taught in foundation stage and KS1 through their exploration and exposure to musical instruments, genres, performances and real life musical experiences. In KS2 their musical ability will be further developed through the specific teaching of tuned instruments such as recorder and a strong focus on ukulele.

We will provide all children with the opportunity to take part in regular performances during collective worship, assemblies and productions both in school and in the wider community.

Children who show ability and passion will be invited to take part in specialist programmes.

The breadth of musical opportunities at St Thomas’ will provide the children with the foundation for their future success.


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