• School Rules


It is our aim to create a School community in which all members, pupils and adults are held in respect and where each individual is treated fairly and with consideration. At St Thomas’ we have a strong behaviour system in order to establish clarity across the whole school. Children have a clear-cut system of praise and reward as well as a sound understanding of boundaries and sanctions. This allows all children to develop respect, values and high expectations. We take pride to create motivation and challenge as well as fun and enjoyment. This develops purpose and pride in learning; ie the behaviour expectations are part of learning well.

At St Thomas’ we aim to:

  • Develop a pride in outstanding behaviour and manners.
  • Within this disciplined environment, create an atmosphere which promotes learning and develops self-esteem.
  • Build stronger and positive parent partnership.

The Golden Rules

  • Do work hard.

  • Do be gentle.

  • Do be kind and helpful.

  • Do listen to people.

  • Do be honest.

  • Do look after property.

  • Do not waste yours or others’ time.

  • Do not hurt anybody.

  • Do not hurt people’s feelings.

  • Do not interrupt.

  • Do not cover up the truth.

  • Do not waste or damage things.

Golden Rules around School

  • Do walk.

  • Do move quietly around school.

  • Do hold the door open for people.

  • Do not run.

  • Do not disturb other people.

  • Do not push through the door or let it go on people.

Golden Rules in the Dining Hall

  • Do use quiet voices.

  • Do put hands up for assistance.

  • Do you please and thank you.

  • Do not use loud voices.

  • Do not leave your seat until you have finished.

  • Do not be impolite.

Golden Book / Golden Jumper Celebration Assembly

Each Thursday, the class teacher will complete the Golden Book. This involves selecting a child who has shown positivity in their work/attitude/behaviour etc. Teachers will fill in the book, a certificate and a postcard which will be sent home. In Friday’s whole school assembly, the child chosen by their teacher, will be presented with their certificate and golden jumper. The jumper will be worn for the whole week to celebrate their success and promote positive role models for the class and whole school. This allows other children to remember the rules and work towards achieving the jumper.

Planet Teams

Children throughout the school have been split into 4 house teams which consist of Mars (red), Venus (blue), Jupiter (green) and Saturn (yellow). Throughout the week children will receive planet/team points as a positive reward. The points are tallied and added up each Thursday for each year group.
Every Friday, in whole school assembly, the team that has earned the highest number of points will be announced as the winners. The board in the hall will display their results. At the end of the term, the overall winning team of the term will be announced. This winner team will have a non uniform day the first week back in the new term.

End of Year Party

Throughout the year, results for the winning teams are recorded. At the of the year, the overall team that has successfully been the winning team, will be rewarded with a planet team party.  Children from the whole school who are in that particular team will have a party to celebrate their team’s success.

Golden Time

Each Monday the golden time activity sheet will be sent round to each class. The children will sign up to various activities and on Friday afternoon, will be given the chance to go to these activities as a positive reward for their hard work and outstanding behaviour.


Sanctions offer clear boundaries as children will test their power. Each child needs to know the boundaries are secure and not vulnerable to their own power. At St Thomas’, we use language such as “You are choosing a warning.” This allows children the chance to choose and take ownership of their behaviour.

1. Warning.2. Warning.3. Two minutes off Golden Time.4. Speak to parents.5. Head teacher.

Children learn by example and it is the agreed aim of the school that all staff lead by demonstrating courtesy and respect to each other and to the children. Courteous and considerate behaviour will follow. This means allowing the child time to develop social skills, stopping to discuss rudeness and taking time to compliment children who are behaving appropriately.