• Regional Training Centre (RTC)

St Thomas’ C.E Primary School is proud to be a Regional Training Centre (RTC) and is committed to supporting children and teachers to develop confidence and skills in using Apple technology to support 24 hour learning. St Thomas’ has been a dual platform school since 2015 and aim to  successfully implement 12 events over the academic year which have specific themes such as Green Screening, Movie Making or competitive workshops linked to Lego.

We make sure every student has the means to learn by our deployment of iPads, which both students and parents agree has increased motivation, engaged children in learning, given them fantastic technological abilities with the devices and is having an impact on learning.

The introduction of iPads has transformed Teaching and Learning at St Thomas’. We use the latest innovative technologies to aid students in their digital learning journey and prepare them to become 21st Century lifelong learners. Engagement and productivity are excellent; students create professional presentations, movies, animations and music. They can research topics using the internet, read books, watch instructional videos and record information. These tools enable our pupils to get a deeper understanding of topics and demonstrate their learning in more creative ways, preparing them for working collaboratively with others, using technology that is up to date and for future research tasks beyond their school lives.

We have some sophisticated filter systems in place at school and we like to educate all our pupils to be responsible with technology.