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Bespoke Training Packages – Enquiries

Implementing new initiatives and technology into a school is always challenging. Our experience shows us that the key to ensuring the new equipment is utilised to its full potenital is to empower staff with the knowledge and confidence to use it. As a result, the courses we provide are designed to show staff how to use iPads in the classroom, not just how to use the technology in general.

Training can take a variety of forms. It can involve team teaching sessions with students, one-to-one training for coordinators or full CPD sessions with all teaching staff. These are all hands-on workshops aimed to meet the requirements for your establishment. We can help you identify a training schedule to meet the needs of your staff, and together with you we will create a solution with identified outcomes to ensure you get the most from your CPD opportunities.

Our team are a unique group of experts include: practicing teachers, Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) and Certified Technical Coordinators. This enables us to provide specialists in a number of curriculum areas. For instance,  if you require training such as  ‘Using iPads in Maths’ we can provide a Maths teacher who understands the current curriculum and how the iPads can enhance lessons.

Our consultancy programme can range from a long term package to a stand alone training session. To enquire about bespoke training packages complete the form below.