• Mathematics

Subject Leader Profile

Hi I’m Mr Noon, Assistant Headteacher and Mathematics lead.

I have been teaching for over 10 years and maths has become a passion for me. Maths has become a subject that has given me great pride in being a teacher. As a school we are an advocate for Inspire Maths, which is a Singapore approach to mathematics, which delivers a mastery context. Being an advocate school allows us to showcase the brilliant Mathematics that takes place within St. Thomas’ to other schools locally and nationally.

I encourage a Concrete, Pictoral and Abstract approach that provides children to reason and problem solve and I firmly believe that with high standards and high expectations all children can become mathematicians.

Subject Leader Profile

Hi! My name is Mrs Myhill and I have been part of the Mathematics Team at St. Thomas’ since 2013. Although I trained as an Arts specialist, I developed my love of teaching maths whilst training to be a Numbers Count teacher. I have been able to provide support and advice to staff both at my school and others. I am particularly interested in the Singapor approach and the use of concrete materials to develop children’s understanding. I believe that all children can not only be successful in their mathematical education but also enjoy those experiences.

Curriculum Intent Statement

At St. Thomas’ we believe in creating mathematicians. We aim to spark a curiosity and excitement for maths learning, while instilling confidence and knowledge in children as they embark on their journey to mastering the maths curriculum. We aim to do this through a focused, coherent and cumulative spiral curriculum that continuously builds and consolidates knowledge to reach deep understanding.

All children are encouraged to believe in their ability to master maths and are empowered to succeed through curiosity, persistence and talk; while collectively tackling new concepts.

We believe that the maths curriculum provides children with one of the essential tools for life, thus enabling them to function mathematically in the real world.


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Calculation Progressions


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