• Every Child Counts

What is ECC?

Every Child Counts (ECC) provides intervention programmes, through Edgehill University, which help children who struggle with Numeracy in school.  We currently run Numbers Count, Numbers Count 2 and Success@Arithmetic.

Numbers Count and Numbers Count 2

An intensive intervention for children who really struggle
If your child is working at a level below their classmates, they may be selected for a place on the Numbers Count programme. This means that they will receive intensive 1 to 1 or very small group support from our specially trained Numbers Count teacher, Mrs Myhill. She will aim to accelerate your child’s learning so that they can work much closer to the level of their class.

What is it like?
There are two versions; Numbers Count for children in year 1 to 3 and Numbers Count 2 for children in Years 4 to 6. However, the programme is different for every child. The teaching is specially designed and delivered by the Numbers Count teacher to meet your child’s individual need. Your child will receive at least 40 thirty minute lessons. The time slot of each lesson is varied throughout the week to ensure the least disruption to their class work.

The lesson takes place in our special Numbers Count area. It is highly interactive and practical. Mrs Myhill will help your child to develop mathematical vocabulary and to talk about how they do maths. Your child will still have a daily maths lesson with their class.

Your child will take a short test with Mrs Myhill at the start and at the end of the programme, to measure their progress.

Role of the Parents

Before your child starts Numbers Count, you have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Myhill to find out more about the programme.  When your child has started Numbers Count, they will sometimes bring a maths activity to practice what they have learned.  You are asked to help them to do the activity and talk about it.

Later on, you will be invited to watch your child having a Numbers Count lesson.  This will give you a chance to see how much they have learned and how they are being taught.


Success@Arithmetic is a light touch calculation-based intervention for pupils in Key Stage 2 who have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency.

Our specially trained teacher, Mrs Myhill, makes a detailed initial assessment of each learners needs and plans an appropriate pathway to develop factual, procedural and conceptual knowledge.

A teaching assistant or a teacher delivers up to 24 sessions, adapted from detailed plans according to the learner’s needs and progress.   The sessions emphasise both mental calculation strategies and written methods and the teaching assistant helps learners to think and talk about their calculation strategies and written methods.

All of the calculation strategies covered within this intervention are in line with our schools calculation policy.