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My Profile

Mrs Briggs is our Design and Technology subject leader. Being a passionate and enthusiastic teacher (and person in general) Mrs Briggs is always looking at ways in which to develop children as not only learners but as individuals who aspire to become successful citizens as they journey through life.

Mrs Briggs believes that through the learning of Design Technology we can release children’s inner ‘spark’ and make links to their needs (and wants) as they grow and develop through life. Design Technology is not a ‘stand-alone’ subject and through the careful development of our curriculum Mrs Briggs aims to bring the skills taught into children’s long term memory and link to the diverse and complex needs as the children grow into the wider community.

Curriculum Intent Statement


Design technology is taught to challenge the children of today for tomorrows rapidly advancing world. Embedding concepts and life skills through engaging projects for real life situations, the children are provided with learning that they remember forever.

At St Thomas’ our curriculum builds on learning through the development of skills year on year. We believe that by developing design technology we can contribute to the quality of children’s lives, both within and beyond school giving them the skills that they need to help work towards their own cultural capital.

Through our specifically designed curriculum we aim for our children to become resourceful and capable individuals who relish in taking risks. Inspiring, rigorous and practical topics are designed to allow the children to be creative and use their imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems for the children at St Thomas’ and our local community.


End of Year Group Expecations